A Roadside Unit for AutoSpeedWatch.  The Roadside Unit is fully self-contained, requiring no electrical power supply - simply fix to a pole with the fixing band provided!   Use one of these units at each of the locations you want to monitor in your Community Speedwatch scheme.  Each unit is simple to install and sends data over the internet about offenders at that location. 


  • Solar powered; no electrical works needed
  • Protection of Freedoms Act/SCC compliant
  • Easy self installation
  • Effective deterrent at very low capital and operating cost
  • Works automatically during daylight hours
  • Inconspicuous and lightweight
  • For monitoring single lane
  • No physical data retrieval access needed; see results on your My AutoSpeedWatch account
  • Includes medium sized high security fixing band, fixing tool,  and 12 months data plan

This AutoSpeedWatch Roadside unit is designed for mounting on a sturdy vertical roadside pole of at least 75mm diameter and is mounted such that it takes a picture of the rear of a passing speeding vehicle.   Each unit comes complete with a high-security pole fixing suitable for poles of diameter 75mm-120mm, but other fixings are available in our accessories category.  This unit is for use in conjunction with your inclusive My AutoSpeedWatch dashboard, which is set up for you after installation.  The local Community Speedwatch coordinator can then invite members of the local community to be involved in verifying and using the data collected.  

Please see About AutoSpeedWatch for more on how the AutoSpeedWatch system operates and how it assists Community Speedwatch teams and the police by helping identify vehicles that tend to persistently speed, and those that are particularly fast.  The very presence of the system also works as a deterrent and modifies driver behaviours.   Statistics are also available from the unit but, if you want anonymous traffic survey data you may get better results with a dedicated traffic logging device.

Installation is simple and quick.  As with all public facing cameras you'll need to adhere to the SCC guidelines and we advise you to use special signs to assist doing so; it's not onerous and we even provide draft Privacy Impact Assessment and Camera Policy to assist you (when your order is complete go to "My Account" > "My Orders" > "Downloads"  to retrieve).  Autospeedwatch Limited and it's use of the system has been certified compliant with the guidelines and the SCC codes of practice.

The first year (from date of purchase) of data connectivity is included.  2nd and subsequent years will require a data plan to maintain connectivity and access to the system; this being the only on-going cost; there are no other subscription-type costs, and maintenance is simply a case of keeping the unit clean!

Lightweight unit; approx 700g.

Please note: May/June 2022; due to current high demand and staff scheduling issues it may take a couple of days more to ship devices.  We still aim to ship orders for small quantities within one week.

Roadside Unit including 1yr data

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