About AutoSpeedWatch

AutoSpeedWatch automatically records speeding vehicles as an aid to Community Speed Watch (CSW) schemes.

  • Works during daylight hours
  • Identifies the highest and most persistent speeders
  • Allows reporting of those speeders to the Police
  • Verify speeding records at your convenience

It is NOT an enforcement camera; It does not issue fines or directly penalise a speeding motorist. It's like having a CSW team at the roadside but for longer hours and without getting cold and hungry!  Unlike "Yellow box" enforcement cameras, AutoSpeedWatch distinguishes between vehicles that are persistently or particularly fast, and those vehicles where the driver has made an occasional mistake.  This allows the police to prioritise their resources against the worst drivers.  Excellent reporting means CSW groups get to see the true picture of speeding in their community, rather than a temporary partial view.

No need for people at the roadside, no risk of being struck, no verbal or physical abuse.  All the CSW team need to do is verify the logs it creates using a browser at home or anywhere else, making Community SpeedWatch easier, safer, and more effective.  The logged speeders, prioritised by severity, then get sent to your local police electronically.  This allows them to identify and take further action;  often by writing to the registered keeper in the first instance, but it also allows them to deploy the Speed Enforcement Units at specific places and times in order to catch and fine the worst speeders.  

  • Connects CSW schemes together for better enforcement measures
  • Identifies worst case and persistent speeders, locally and wider
  • Reduces the resources required by police
  • Allows targeted, prioritised traffic enforcement measures
  • Provides feedback to CSW groups

Like everything, AutoSpeedWatch has some limitations:  It's solar powered so doesn't operate at night or if light levels are low, it won't always record every speeder every time (for example if other traffic makes it difficult to distinguish offending from non-offending traffic), and it isn't Home Office 'type approved' equipment for issuing fines.  However, it does help identify the worst and most persistent speeders, and targets the police at where and when to enforce.  It also gives the police the option of talking with the registered owner to nudge them into better driving behaviour, or risk being fined.  Changing driver behaviour is the key to stopping speeding.  

AutoSpeedWatch has been developed over many years to specifically provide a better means of local community support for policing of speed.  It allows a tighter and more productive relationship between Community Policing and the communities they serve.  

About Autospeedwatch Limited

After years of development and recent successful trials, Autospeedwatch Limited has been set up to bring the benefits of the system to all Community Speedwatch groups, whilst keeping the cost to the community as low as possible.  We are a small group of individuals developing and constructing the units in the UK.