AutoSpeedWatch is all about identifying to the police the worst and most persistent speeders, so it deliberately records only those vehicles excessively over the speed limit.  Launched in June 2019 it has already had fantastic results, providing a targeted means for significantly improving road safety, and therefore saving lives.

With the help of CSW members, the system automatically identifies the vehicles persistently causing the greatest safety threats.  The story so far:  

Speeders caughtThe total number of speeders caught and identified so far201,457
Active LocationsNumber of active participating AutoSpeedWatch locations24
Illegal vehiclesNumber of untaxed or MoT-expired vehicles caught speeding within the last year3,728
Illegal percentagePercentage of speeding vehicles that are untaxed or MoT-expired4.3
Low hanging fruitPercentage of vehicles caught 10 or more times8.7
Maximum speedMaximum speed recorded within past year69
Most persistent speederThe number of times the most persistent speeder has been caught in the past year56
Number of Location-DaysThe total locations times the days that they have been operating18,343
Number damaged unitsThe total of damaged units, whether by vandalism or accident, and whether repaired or not7