Average Speed Zones


Using two or more Roadside Units, on the same stretch and direction of road, you can define one or more Average Speed Zones.   This functionality is included within the price of AutoSpeedWatch, making a really cost-effective way of controlling speeds across an entire community.  

This works by accurately measuring the time taken for the same vehicle to travel the known fixed distance between the two units.   

The system estimates the distance between the two units but we encourage you to validate the distance using a surveyor wheel.  You simply set up your average speed zone by specifying the distance between the two units, plus what average speed you want to have as a minimum between the two.

Incidents that have then been validated at both units then automatically appear on the Coordinator's dashboard as both 'Recent Average' and 'Persistent Average' speeders,  providing very compelling evidence of speeding for the police.  These records can be exported in .CSV format.

With the use of 'Average Speed Zone' signs users have reported significant reductions in speeds (e.g. average speed reducing from 36 to 28 mph in a 30mph zone).