Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Trade, and Terms of Use of the AutoSpeedWatch system


"We" , "us"  and "our" means Autospeedwatch Limited  (company number 11738069), a registered company in England and Wales.

"AutoSpeedWatch" (note capitalisation)  means the service and system provided, comprising of the elements of the system (such as the network of Roadside Units, the web and data servers, etc) and the software therein.

"You" means the purchaser and/or user of any of the products or services provide by us.

Terms of Trade

These terms and our dealings with you are subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Please read the installation instructions and other documentation carefully.  
We are not responsible for losses not caused by our breach or negligence, indirect losses which are a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not reasonably foreseeable by you and us for example loss of profits or reputation. We are also not responsible for the failure of goods if they occur from events beyond our reasonable control.  Purchases of goods are made on the understanding that you are responsible for the safe and secure installation and use of the goods supplied and will do so according to the relevant guidelines provided by the Health and Safety Executive and to any requirements specified in Temporary Traffic Management (Chapter 8) regulations, and the laws and guidance relation to the Protection of Freedoms Act and use of surveillance cameras.  You agree to seek professional authoritative guidance on installation from the appropriate highways agency for your installation.  The integrity and validity  of the data within the system depends upon known fixed install locations.  You agree not to relocate installed units unless by our express written consent. 

We reserve the right to refuse to supply any individual, organisation or company, at our sole discretion. We have the right to amend, remove or vary our services and/or any part of the Website (including our Ts&Cs) at any time. 

You agree that purchased equipment becomes your property, but the data it produces is the property of Autospeedwatch Limited.  We will grant you a licence to use the data specific to the purchased units within your community speed watch groups and within the local Police for the purposes of speed enforcement only, provided that you do not copy, retain, release, distribute, or broadcast information relating to specific vehicles to any extent greater that absolutely and minimally required to do so .  We will also grant you a licence to use the data specific to the purchased units to report aggregated data to your parish, local and district councils.   Aggregated data is data on volumes, performance, etc. which does not disclose specific vehicle information or allow the identification of specific businesses, organisations, or individuals associated with recorded vehicles.   Such licences will endure whilst data connectivity charges for the specific unit remain paid and concurrent and only within the constraints of our Privacy Policy for the retention of that data (normally data is kept for up to 1 year).  You agree to indemnify Autospeedwatch Limited against claims where you have been responsible for the unauthorised disclosure of vehicle information.  Should data connectivity charges not be contiguously paid as and when due, then we reserve the right to remove the data specific to the Roadside Unit from our servers.  

You agree that you consent to us passing your name address and telephone number to our courier partners, solely for the purpose of effecting your delivery.  We reserve the right to suspend all future deliveries to a particular customer account or address in the event that any of these Terms & Conditions are breached.

Pricing & Descriptions

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that our pricing and product descriptions are accurate and consistent. If you think we've made a mistake, please let us know using our Contact Us page so that we can fix it.  All prices are in pounds sterling and include VAT (if and where applicable).

Ordering and Delivery

We will only accept your order once payment has been approved and we have debited your account. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and Discover credit/debit cards and payment by Bank Transfer.  We may add other payment methods in future.

When you place an order, you'll receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming that we've received it. We then carry out our standard pre-authorisation fraud and available funds checks to make sure we're happy to move ahead. If any items you order are not available immediately we may dispatch those items that are available and send the remainder of your order under separate carriage (you will not be charged a second delivery charge in these circumstances). Some products may take longer to deliver than next day, for example, they may be delivered direct from the manufacturer, or may need to be shipped separately. If this affects your order we will notify you as soon as possible. If you wish to cancel your order you'll have a limited time to do so, so please contact us as soon as possible using our Contact Us page.  If we have a problem with your order, we'll get in contact using the details you've provided.

Deliveries normally occur between 8am and 5:30pm on working days but we are unable to give you details of expected delivery times within this period. Working days for deliveries are classified as Monday to Friday and exclude bank holidays.

Delivery is free for orders over £245. Depending on the value of your order or where you live, delivery costs may be charged but these will be calculated and made visible to you during the checkout process and before finalising payment.
Occasionally we may find that a price, product description or promotion has been posted incorrectly. If we find an error in your order we'll get in contact as soon as possible and give you the option of reordering at the correct price or cancelling. If you opt to cancel we will refund you in full. We may need to refuse or cancel an order if an item is out of stock, discontinued or we believe there may be something wrong with  your account. If you think we've made a mistake, please contact us.

Delivery times apply to items in stock and all items are subject to availability.  We will do our best to keep the website up-to-date with stock-levels, but these may sometimes be incorrect.  When no stock is available, there may be an option to "pre-order" so that you are prioritised when stock becomes available.  Should there be an unusual or unpredictable delay to your order we will endeavour to let you know and give you the option of refund.  If you order more than one product there's a possibility that your order will be sent as separate items, although we will try to minimise this where we can.

We reserve the right not to deliver orders if, for whatever reason, we believe the address may not be secure. If this is the case we will inform you to make secure delivery arrangements.

Returns & Refunds 

You have 30 days to return an item from when it's delivered for a full refund. Make sure you return your order with a tracked delivery service to avoid any issues! If you'd like to return your order, please refer to the returns section at http://store.autospeedwatch.org. If your order develops a fault after 30 days but within 6 month, you will be entitled to a  warranty repair or replacement at our sole discretion.  Returns cannot be accepted if the goods have been damaged or tampered with. We ask you to take care of the goods you purchase while they are in your possession. This means that you may inspect the goods, but the original packaging should be retained, and the product should be in pristine or as new condition.

Terms of Trade

Installation and Operation 

You must comply with all relevant government and local authority legislation, guidance, regulations and standards for the installation and operation of the Roadside Units you purchase.  You must also fully consider the proportionality of the use of this camera-based approach for the reduction of risks caused by speeding against potential for privacy intrusion as guided by the Information Commissioner's Office Code of Practice, and that it is in accordance with the Protection of Freedoms Act and Data Protection Act.  The AutoSpeedWatch system only records offending vehicles and does so with the shared objective of reducing accident, injury and fatality due to speeding vehicles.  Nonetheless this needs to be balanced against any potential for privacy invasion and you must only consider it's deployment and use where there is a known and significant need and where other methods of deterrence are shown to be, or are likely to be, impractical. Further guidance is available from the Information Commissioner, the Home Office's Surveillance Camera Codes of Practice, and from your local authority.

Data Connectivity

The data connectivity purchased is associated with an individual Roadside Unit and cannot be used for any other purpose.  The amount data used depends on the volume of speeders recorded by that Roadside Unit which itself depends on local circumstances and the speed at which that Roadside Unit is set to record offences. We offer the data plan on the basis that the amount of data available in the plan is more than the amount of data required by a Roadside Unit in the majority of typical cases (for example a 38mph trigger offence speed in a typical village 30mph restricted zone with average traffic volumes). Should individual Roadside Units require more data than available then we reserve the right at any time to increase the trigger speed of that Roadside Unit (to reduce the data used), charge more for the data connectivity, or in exceptional circumstances withdraw part or all of the service for that Roadside Unit.  Data connectivity starts from the date of dispatch of a unit, or unit re-registration should the data connectivity have previously elapsed.

General use of AutoSpeedWatch

You shall do nothing to interfere with, disrupt, contaminate, break, or otherwise adversely affect the normal use of the system.  You agree not to use the system to upload, send, attach, transfer, store, or otherwise communicate any material that is malicious or might generally be considered to be abusive, offensive, damaging, or disruptive to the purpose the site and road-safety improvement.  You agree not to try to deliberately hack, exploit, break, overload any aspect the system or attempt to disrupt its legitimate use for others.

You agree to use your best endeavours to keep any login details issued to you secret and not share them with any other person, organisation, or entity without written consent from us.  We will never ask you for you your password, and you should not divulge it to anyone that asks.  If we suspect that account details have been divulged, or these terms broken, then we maintain the right to disable your account and access to any data associated with it.  If you suspect that your account details may no longer be secret you agree to contact us immediately so that we can take action to secure any associated data.

Service Level

We will make reasonable efforts to keep AutoSpeedWatch available and operating smoothly reasonable performance, but we cannot guarantee continuous or indefinite availability.  There may be times (either within or outside our control) where the services provided cannot be sustained.  In such cases we will apply reasonable resources to re-instate the service as quickly as possible.  You agree that the data is our property and if data is lost then there is no recompense to you.   You also agree that the AutoSpeedWatch system and the service provided therein may be temporarily removed for maintenance or upgrade purposes, and that the services may be permanently changed or removed completely at our discretion.  You agree that we can make adjustments to the operational parameters of the unit for performance reasons at our discretion and without notice.  Where there is any suspicion on our part that a user is abusing the website, or has breached these terms and conditions, then we can terminate that user account at our sole discretion.  We can withdraw AutoSpeedWatch service to anyone at any time and we do not need to provide an explanation of the reasons we do so.    


All notices shall be given to us, by email or by post to our address as shown on the Contact Us page. All notices sent by email will be deemed to have been received on the day that they are sent or, if sent on a national holiday in England or on a Saturday or Sunday, the next working day following the day on which the email was sent. All notices sent by post will be deemed to have been received 3 working days after the date of posting.

Liability and Limitations of Liability

We accept liability for death and personal injury arising from our negligence where required to by law. If AutoSpeedWatch fail to comply to these Terms & Conditions, we are responsible for loss or damage you suffer as a foreseeable result of us breaching this contract. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the contract is made, both you and AutoSpeedWatch knew it might happen, for example, if you discussed it with us during the sales process. We will only be liable for loss or damage up to the total value of goods purchased.

As owners, you are responsible for the safe installation and maintenance of your Roadside units.  You are responsible for ensuring the safety of those that may come into contact or nearby presence of the Roadside Units you purchase, install or use, and should therefore consider your public liability accordingly.  

Dispute Resolution

From time to time things can go wrong and if our support team are unable to resolve your issue, you may wish to make a complaint to the Complaints Officer at the address given on our Contact Us page.
If you simply need us to explain anything mentioned above or you're unhappy with the service we've provided please contact us using our web contact form or by email using the address info 'at' autospeedwatch.org in the first instance and we will make all reasonable effort to resolve any issue.  If we are unable to satisfactorily resolve your issue then you should approach the Retail Alternative Dispute Resolution Service:

The Retail ADAR,12-14 Walker Avenue, Stratford Office Village, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes, MK12 5TW (Tel: +44 20 3540 8063)  (https://www.retailadr.org.uk/): 


It's fine to promote AutoSpeedWatch if you have written permission from us, the content is fair and legal and doesn't ruin our reputation. Please do not link AutoSpeedWatch to any form of endorsement if no arrangement exists.
Autospeedwatch Limited owns or has permission to use the intellectual property rights on our website and content. This means you are not allowed to use the AutoSpeedWatch logo, any Autospeedwatch Limited  brand/trademark, our website or content without our express permission. You however, agree that we can list you as one of our customers, unless you tell us otherwise.

Intellectual property, software & content

We recommend using virus protection software when browsing the web. Although we have a dedicated team who are constantly monitoring this, we cannot guarantee that it will always be bug free .
You must not misuse or tamper with our website and services, copy or steal any of the data provided by AutoSpeedWatch including but not limited to our customer's data, vehicle or traffic-related data, location-related data, nor any other data or meta-data provided by AutoSpeedWatch.  Doing any of these things may be a criminal offence and we will report any such activity to relevant law enforcement authorities. All content, algorithms, designs and software within the AutoSpeedWatch system remains our intellectual property, unless specifically licensed under another agreement.  This includes software, algorithms, designs, etc.  within the Roadside units although use of the Roadside Unit is irrevocably licensed for use by the purchaser of the roadside unit. In purchasing the Roadside unit you agree that we may, from time to time and at our sole discretion, remotely update the software within the Roadside Unit, without liability, with the objective of improving function, performance and efficiency of the AutoSpeedWatch system.  Roadside units contain no user-serviceable parts and should not be opened.  Doing so will invalidate any warranty and will likely result in irrecoverable damage.


You must only use the AutoSpeedWatch system for its intended purpose, and not attempt to modify, adapt, disrupt, interfere or otherwise abuse its normal use for yourself and others.  We reserve the right to indefinitely deactivate any user account, or Roadside Unit, without recompense, should we have reasonable grounds to suspect misuse of the AutoSpeedWatch system, or any part of it.

Last updated 4 January 2021