Prices changes from 1st August


  1. As with most businesses we have not been immune to the increased supply chain costs caused by market turbulence and geopolitical uncertainty.  Both our inventory costs and our operating costs have risen considerably over the past 18 months.   
  2. Whilst we are thrilled by the levels of interest from our potential customers (typical Town/Parish Councils), they have often found it frustratingly slow and cumbersome to get installation approvals and police support before purchasing.  This has delayed the sales of units below our initial plans and our high-volume low-margin model is therefore generating a delayed revenue stream whilst OPEX costs remain comparable.  This is in the context that the business remains in its start-up phase; no income has yet been drawn from the business and no return has yet been made on the investments costs/efforts made.

We continue our aim to provide highly-effective and affordable solutions that are considerably better value than the next nearest competitor, and our ethos remains on saving lives over making money.   We also want to respond to requests for new product offerings.   We're sorry therefore to need to raise prices, but it is necessary for the sustainable progression of the business.


We will be increasing prices from 1st August 2024.  Purchases of data connectivity can be made from multiple years before this date but limited to a maximum of 3 years per Roadside Unit.  Note: data connectivity is non redeemable.  

How much?

Unless current trading conditions change we are planning the prices to be as follows:

ProductFrom 1st August
Roadside Unit incl 1st year connectivity£779
Solar Boost Option£112
Data Connectivity subscription £178
Roadsigns (Standard / Small)

£58.60 / £37.00

Accessories and misc items

varies around 19%