Getting Started

Thank you for choosing AutoSpeedWatch to improve road safety.  We’re confident it will help you modify driver behaviour within your community, both as an independent deterrent, and by providing valuable intelligence to your Police Force for follow-up action.

The general process is

  1. Choose a good location and seek highways approval
  2. Purchase your first unit
  3. Install and Register the Unit (see below)
  4. We will then configure/set-up your unit, and create your Dashboard account for you
  5. You can then start using the system, inviting others to help you.

Before you install

Feed me!  Please open up the cardboard box and place the roadside unit in direct sunlight.  This keeps the unit’s battery topped up in preparation for when it’s installed. An indoor south-facing window sill is ideal, but if doing this outside then make sure there’s an air gap beneath the unit to prevent moisture build up.


Please follow the installation instructions carefully to install the unit.  Once installed, follow the link at the bottom of these instructions to Register and Activate your unit.  There is no 'app' for installation but you can use a normal smartphone browser to help you align the unit.

Account Set-up and App

We will set up your My AutoSpeedWatch dashboard account and send you a welcome email allowing you to set your password.    The login details are not the same as the AutoSpeedWatch Store login; the systems are separate for better security.

Once your account is set up you can access your dashboard using any normal browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone,  or using the App:

  • Android users can download the 'AutoSpeedWatch' app from the Play Store.
  • iOS users can create an App link on their phone:  Using Safari sign in and navigate to the home page, then tap the ‘Share’ button, scroll down and tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’

It may take us several days to make fine-tuning adjustments to your unit to suit your installation location.  Please be patient with us before expecting results.  

Using the My AutoSpeedWatch dashboard or App

Refer to the user guide for details of how to use the My AutoSpeedWatch Dashboard.