According to the police (, speed camera warning signs are not required.  However, roadside units contain a public facing camera and is therefore defined in law as a Surveillance Camera, (even though it is only taking still images of offending vehicles).  Consequently, we believe the Surveillance Camera Commissioner guidelines apply,  requiring that the public is informed using appropriate signage.  We therefore strongly recommend you deploy signs to notify the public that you are using AutoSpeedWatch,  to be compliant with the law. 

We also believe that simply notifying drivers that you are using AutoSpeedWatch Roadside Units will help modify driver behaviour; thereby reducing speeds before CSW or the police need to get involved.

These signs have a matt grey rear, and also help ensure your community conforms to the guidelines on the the use of public facing cameras through "implied consent" (BEWARE -  simple normal speed camera signs do not carry the prescribed information required by the SCC).  We suggest you deploy one for each possible access route to the location of Roadside Units.  They are approx 300mm * 210mm  and come complete with a clip for fixing to round post of 76mm diameter post.  Other sizes of fixings are available in our accessories category.

You must have purchased and deployed Roadside Units within the locality to use these signs and you should, as always, get local authority/highways consent for the sighting of the sign.

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